Part 1, Project 2: Reviving Skeletons

The first exercise in this project was to take Vivaldi’s “Winter”, the fourth concerto from his “Four Seasons” piece, and create my own composition based around the first 8 bars of harmonic structure.

This is what I created, and what it sounds like:

Part 1, Project 2 Reviving Skeletons Vivaldi's Four Seasons Winter - a new piece around the harmonic structure

And this is what it sounds like:

The second part of this project was to take a piece of music of my own choice and “transform it”.  One of my favourite pieces is Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”.  This is my composition, based upon Beethoven’s harmony:

Part 1, Project 2 Re-writing Moonlight Sonata

And it sounds like this:

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