Part 1, Project 3: Accompaniments

For the start of this project, I researched some of Cecil Sharp’s folk songs. 

“Scarborough Fair” – this has a flowing, broken chord accompaniment together with static chords creating variation in the mid-section.  This compliments the melody; when a piece is in 6/8 like this, the flowing, fluid accompaniment helps to maintain movement.

“Wassail Song” – with a time signature of 2/2, the accompaniment is steady, with right and left hand parts alternating on every beat.  Sharp alternates between chords or single notes in the accompaniment and provides a solid harmonic basis for the scalic melody.

“Duke of Marlborough” – we see a lot of contrary motion between melody and piano accompaniment; there is no doubling of the melody line within the accompaniment part at all.  This piano part marks every beat with a chord or bass note and therefore sets a rigid tempo throughout, adding to its slightly military feel.

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