Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback

Herewith a link to the feedback received from my tutor Douglas Seville for Assignment 1:

Amy Balcomb (510035) Level 2 Composition Assignment 1 Tutor Report

The main points that I took from this feedback were as follows:

  1. I needed to utilise the characteristic range of the soprano voice more.  Make it more expressive and use more of it’s upper notes.
  2. I needed to change the rhythmic setting of the words in bar 22.  I had written is as a 3-syllable word but it should have been 4 syllables.
  3. I wrote too many key changes.  I should keep the first one at the modulation to G major but ensure I show the double bar lines at this point.  All others should be reflected with accidentals instead of key changes.
  4. I should in my commentary explain technique more, although I’m not clear at this stage whether this pertains to the technique used in my composition or that which was covered in this part.
  5. I need to give examples of pieces that contained melismatic word settings that I have studied that would have persuaded me against this style; I have these on my blog and must give my tutor this blog address for his consideration.
  6. Critical Review – my tutor has suggested that ideas for this will be shaped as I progress through the course.  For now, I will not worry about this quite so much and allow my learning to help develop this as I progress.
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