Part 3, Project 8 – A string duet

I enjoyed writing this duet.  Despite not playing the violin or the cello, I felt that after undertaking the listening that I have done, I have gained a better understanding of the two instruments.

They both have very different colours in tone depending on what register they are playing within; the violin at it’s higher registers is shrill and often quite uncomfortable unless controlled very carefully within its dynamics and articulation.  However, the mid and lower ranges sound extraordinarily mellow and relaxing.

The cello is a beautifully warm, rich tonal sound.  I did consider learning this instead of the flute but sadly, I just couldn’t get to grips (quite literally) with the fingerboard technique having grown accustomed to playing the piano for many years.  That said, I hope to write more music for the cello.

Anyway, here is my exercise which I hope you enjoy:

Part 3, Project 8 – String Duet

And this is what it sounds like:

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