Part 3, Project 10 – The String Quartet & String Orchestra

Having listened and followed the scores of some string quartets (see Listening for Part 3 for details), I felt much more prepared to tackle this next project; my own string quartet.

I read somewhere that if you really want to show off as a composer, you write a string quartet, which made me giggle because before I started my research into this compositional form, I felt very daunted and somewhat out of my depth.  I didn’t really know where to start.

However, the listening work I did showed me that as long as I remembered to do my best to think in the instruments I was writing for, along with including technical details true such as incorporating imitation, homophonic sections, pairing of instruments both outer and inner, I would get close to a string quartet.

Writing the short score was incredibly helpful and enabled me to really consider the harmonic structure and hear the melodic theme properly before arranging it out between the four voices.  This is the short score I wrote:

Part 3, Project 10 String Quartet Short Score

And this is what it sounds like:

I then arranged it for the quartet:

Part 3, Project 10 – String Quartet ‘Phyllis’

Which sounds like this:

On reflection, I could have made the parts more interesting, weaved the polyphony around more and made more of the imitative aspect.  But sadly, this part of the course is unrelenting and extremely tough to stay on track with.  If I put more time into this project, I would not meet my assignment deadline, and it is there that I must now head towards.


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