Part 5, Project 16 – A little minimalism

This is my attempt at a very short minimalism piece:

Project 16 – A Little Minimalism

And it sounds like this:

I had enormous hurdles to climb to score this project on Sibelius.  I had only tried to score in ‘free rhythm’ back in my first year composition course and found it tricky to recall how to do it.

I also needed to ensure that I could create barlines where I wanted to and within free rhythm scoring, I needed to utilise plug-ins to not only give me the ‘Draw Free Rhythm Barline’ but also trim the bars of any unwanted rests that were occasionally showing; for this I used the ‘Resize Bar’ plug-in.

I also wanted more repeats to occur and I learnt how to manipulate the number of repeats of each bar in the ‘Repeats’ section.

This project is very short project because I didn’t have as much time to develop it as I would have normally.  Needless to say, I discovered that this was a very interesting area of music to look at; I was surprised that I was as intrigued by it as I was, and I am proud of what I learnt technically with the software in order to get this done.

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