Assignment 2 – Tutor Feedback

Herewith a link to the feedback received from my tutor Douglas Seville for Assignment 2:

Amy Balcomb (510035) Level 2 Composition Assignment 2 Tutor Report

The main points that I took from this feedback were as follows:

  1. Create an alternative line for the upper voices in bar 6 on the last 4 beats of the second line of text in the lower voices on the word ‘sing’.
  2. Contrast could be created by putting the leading section in bar 9 into the lower voices and follow them with the upper voices.
  3. Bars 13-14 needs an accent on syllable ‘wake’ instead of the sforzando and change the dynamics from mp to f which would help emphasise the meaning of the declaration.
  4. Throughout the piece add additional notated dynamics for more accurate expression.
  5. Make sure phrase marks in vocal lines are only used to show the lines of pitches they should sing using the same word/syllable/other sound.  E.g.: bar 7: 2 quavers in alto and tenor on the word ‘this’ should be phrased together. Bar 15: 3 quavers in the bass on word ‘while’. Bar 16; the alto part on syllable ‘fin’-(ger). Bar 18: the alto and tenor on ‘sin’-(ger).
  6. Critical Review – the choice of topic and composer  is up to me but it should reflect my understanding of that composer’s techniques so that I can explain how those techniques have influenced me in my development as a composer.  I still don’t have any idea about this review and will continue to keep my mind open as I move through into Part 3 for inspiration.
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