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Part 3, Project 10 – The String Quartet & String Orchestra

Having listened and followed the scores of some string quartets (see Listening for Part 3 for details), I felt much more prepared to tackle this next project; my own string quartet. I read somewhere that if you really want to … Continue reading

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Part 3 Research – Thomas Britton

Thomas Britton was by all accounts quite the entrepreneur.  He was born in 1644 and died in 1714 and was one of the earliest concert promoters. He was an English charcoal merchant in Clerkenwell, not the most obvious route into … Continue reading

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Part 3, Project 8 – A string duet

I enjoyed writing this duet.  Despite not playing the violin or the cello, I felt that after undertaking the listening that I have done, I have gained a better understanding of the two instruments. They both have very different colours … Continue reading

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Part 3, Project 9 – A Guitar Prelude

This was extremely tough.  As a pianist who has never learnt the guitar nor ever succeeded in getting to grips with the technicalities of this instrument when given one to try, I was very intimidated by this project and it … Continue reading

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